A photographer has shared some of the insights he has gained over the 40 years he has spent documenting the lives of the Royal Family.

Arthur Edwards, who first photographed the royals in 1977, reflected on the "tactile" and loving relationship between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and revealed how he witnessed the breakdown in Charles and Diana's marriage.

Speaking to Yahoo News' series The Royal Box, London-based Edwards told how Harry has become more "aloof" since meeting his wife as he more fully embraces his role as a senior statesman.

Finally he shared how their affectionate relationship hinted at years of future happiness to come.


Harry has become "aloof" since meeting Meghan...

Edwards said: "I can see a massive change. He's become more aloof. He always had a great relationship with the media. He would always engage in some way... [but] that's all completely stopped now.

"He's matured into a senior statesman of the royal family now. Maybe he's the time for jostling with Ussain Bolt, or hugging the Jamaican Prime Minister... That's maybe it's time to stop that now."

The photographer recalled an incident on the recent royal tour to Ireland when he visited Croke Park, the Dublin home of hurling, with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Edwards continued: "[Harry] was given the hurley to hit the ball and he declined... There would have been a time when he would of hit that ball out of the park, Harry.

"Now he's married he's very very protective of Meghan. I think he's changed a bit. But he's still Harry and he's still lovely."

Harry and Meghan's "tactile" relationship...

"I've covered a few romances in the royal family and I've never seen a couple more tactile than them," Edwards said. "They never stop holding hands."

The photographer noted how they are comfortable demonstrating their love even in the most high-profile settings.

"Even when she was walking to church on Christmas day, she [Meghan] was arm in arm with him, she wouldn't let him go," Edwards said.


However the prince is just as attentive to his new wife. Edwards continued: "He's [Harry's] always aware where she is, that she's always kept informed... whispering in her ear if she's a bit hesitant about what to do next.

Harry has become more
Harry has become more "aloof" since meeting his wife as he more fully embraces his role as a senior statesman. Photo / Getty Images

"He is very loved-up and he's very much prepared to show it to everybody: this is the woman I love and this is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with."

While some skeptics have questioned whether the love will go the distance, there is no doubt in Edwards' mind. "They've not been married long but it looks like it's going to last," he added.

Their tactile relationship is all the more remarkable when compared to that of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who he only recalls seeing hand-in-hand on one occasion.