A woman who is juggling affairs with three married men insists she is not a homewrecker.

Sam Taylor, 44, of Brentwood, Essex, began dating multiple men at once after growing tired of the monogamy and commitment of her last relationship.

She said: "Sex is like food: no matter how good it is, it gets very boring if you eat the same meal every night. Why not spice things up and try different things? That way, life is a lot more interesting. Life's too short to stick with just one person."

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Miss Taylor explained she only dates men who are either in an open marriage, or have no intention of leaving their wives, and that she is simply indulging their real-life "Wanderlust".

The racy drama sees married couple Joy and Alan Richards (Toni Collette and Steven Mackintosh) agree to sleep with other people after growing tired of their own sex life.

The show has caused a stir with its graphic sex scenes including the first female orgasm shown on BBC.

Miss Taylor, who meets her lovers online, claims the men she sees are "often doing it with the permission of their wives.

"Or their wives are at it themselves like Joy in the TV show because they are bored of having sex with their husbands," she continued.

"I could really relate to her character in the show. We are the same age and all the awkwardness she showed when she was having sex with her husband was like my long-term relationships."

Miss Taylor was introduced to the lifestyle after she and her ex-boyfriend agreed to open-up their relationship to see "other people discreetly" when they wanted to "have some fun.

"So we embarked on an open relationship just like Joy and her husband do on Wanderlust," she continued.


"Soon we were meeting so many new people, we decided to go our separate ways because it was more exciting dating casually without the drudgery of a regular relationship."

Miss Taylor has had monogamous, long-term relationships but claimed it "always ended in disappointment" because " sex with the same person becomes boring over time."

The 44-year-old said it is "crazy" that people are expected to find a partner in their 20s or 30s and remain faithful for the rest of their lives.

"Whoever thought that was a good idea?," she added.

Miss Taylor met her first married man, a 43-year-old banker, on IllicitEncounters.com, the dating website for married people.

A friend recommended the site to her, claiming it is full of rich men looking for open relationships.

Miss Taylor said: "I wasn't looking for another serious, monogamous relationship. I just wanted a bit of excitement and to meet a regular buddy who wanted sex and fun without the hassle of becoming boyfriend and girlfriend."

Soon afterwards she met a second lover and began juggling them at the same time.

She said: "I was having a great time with the banker who is a multi-millionaire and used to fly me all over Europe for mini-breaks which he disguised as business trips.

"He already had two other women on the go, a secretary and a personal trainer he had also met on the site and he suggested I do the same."

Miss Taylor claims her lovers now treat her to stays in "some of the best hotels in the world" and she says she gets "spoilt rotten".

"We eat in the finest restaurants and shop in the most exclusive boutiques," she continued. "I end up having the time of my life and get a few new pieces for my wardrobe or a wonderful new item of jewellery."

The dater added she is "glad" Wanderlust reflects "what is really happening in lots of relationships".

IllicitEncounters.com spokesman Christina Grant claimed the site had received a "record number" of new signups since Wanderlust had started airing.