Princess Diana's niece Kitty Spencer has paid tribute to her aunt by recreating one of her most famous outfits at an event in Moscow.

Kitty, who has achieved international fame thanks to her physical likeness to the late Princess Diana, wore an off the shoulder black gown to the Bulgari Tribute to Femininity on Thursday.

The dress was strikingly similar to Diana's famous 'revenge dress' thanks to its v-neckline and ruched fabric, reports

The figure — hugging black cocktail dress worn by Diana to a 1994 fundraising event at the Serpentine Gallery remains one of the Princess of Wales' most iconic fashion looks.


The outfit was a racy departure from Diana's previously conservative outfits as a royal and marked the beginning of her new life as a single woman.

"It was the first time people had been introduced to the new Diana, the one who didn't need the royal family, especially Prince Charles," fashion journalist Alex Longmore previously told HuffPost.

Princess Diana's now iconic
Princess Diana's now iconic "revenge dress". Photo / Getty Images

"In that minidress, she oozed confidence, an air of happiness and independence. It was a classic case of a woman wearing the dress and not the other way around."

Diana's eye-catching dress was also strategic — she wore the outfit on the same night Charles gave a TV interview admitting he had been unfaithful during their marriage.

While Charles' interview was still headline news, it was photos of Diana wearing her 'revenge dress' that were plastered across the front pages of newspapers.

Charles and Diana divorced in 1996 after four years of separation and Diana died just a year later in a Paris car crash.