A sex expert caused outrage among parents when she suggested masturbation should be taught in schools.

Nadia Bokody, who appeared on Aussie breakfast show This Morning, explained the shame and stigma attached to the sexual act, especially for girls, can lead to problems in the future.

In order to avoid this, she claims children as young as 11 should be given lessons on how to pleasure themselves sexually, the DailyMail reports.

The "ludicrous idea" was blasted by many parents, with some claiming it would simply encourage underage sex.


However other viewers applauded the morning TV programme for featuring the topic, saying it was "refreshing".

"Masturbation is such a taboo topic, but we are already creating shame by not talking about it," Nadia said.

Nadia believes it's important to teach kids about the mechanics behind sexual pleasure, particularly young girls.

This is because Ms Bokody thinks little boys are taught how to label every part of their body, including their genitals, but young girls genitals are "shrouded in mystery and stigma".

She said on the ITV show: "It is beneficial to both sexes, but we know that socially we are more comfortable with boys labelling their genital area and it is socially acknowledged in a lot of humour messaging that we see.

"But we don't have the same message as girls and we know that girls are going and having fairly unpleasant sexual encounters. If we can at least get girls to recognise what is supposed to feel like pleasure and what is supposed to feel like pain that's a start but we can also have it there as an option for delaying partnered sex," Nadia explained.

Not all viewers were impressed with her views as one fumed: "This is getting ludicrous. What age are you talking about teaching kids about masturbation..why does it need to be taught it's a private thing. Why can't you leave the kids alone let them grow up learning in their own ffs."

"Horrified by this lunatic on TV!! Masturbation taught in schools. No wonder kids are getting sexually actively younger and younger... A disgrace in my opinion[sic]," added another.


"Surely this woman doesn't have children! There is no way you would want your child to be taught about masturbation and porn in school. What the actual f***," said a third angry viewer.

However others were more supportive of the idea: "I like the way that this woman is explaining this topic on This Morning. 'Should masturbation be taught in school?' I agree with her points. I have seen so many benefits from documentaries done on these subject matters."

Another added: "I really appreciate your coverage of female masturbation on such a large platform. Hopefully you make a mark on the public, young feminists like myself really value recognition like this on this topic. Thank you!"

Ms Bokody explained that the reason she thinks it should be schools to teach kids about masturbation is because they have a responsibility to "keep children safe" and prepare them for adulthood.

Although she is not anti-porn, Ms Bokody doesn't think it should be a child's first sexual reference point. She said: "Am I comfortable about young boys and girls going and having sex, absolutely not."

Referring to research she has looked at indicated less than one half of girls aged 14 to 17 have masturbated, she continued: "What we know is the more we try to create shame around topics the worse it generally makes it for young people.

"Young people are going to go out and have sex, they are hitting puberty at a young age. Our culture is drenched in sexual messaging, we talk about the proliferation of pornography in our culture it is highly accessible. It is very easy for children to access it."

She added: "We may feel unconformable talking about it but digging our heads in the sand isn't going to stop it from happening. We know young people are already having sex, we just want them to do it safely."