A man was left mortified after a simple spelling mistake led to a very embarrassing conversation with his mum about sexually transmitted diseases.

After developing a stye, a red lump that forms on the eye, Scottish man Dylan Heggie decided to see if his mum had any tips for getting rid of it.

Unfortunately he misspelt stye and ended up asking his mum how to get rid of a "sti", which prompted her to believe her son had a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

"I've got a sti. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it," he asked.


His shocked mother replied: "Honestly? What you got son?"

Oh the horror. Photo / Dylan Heggie - Twitter
Oh the horror. Photo / Dylan Heggie - Twitter

He went on to explain that it looked like a bruise but he could only see it when his left eye was shut.

Then came the most embarrassing question of them all, "Is it on your willy or your testicles," his mum asked.

It was at this point that Dyland finally figured out his mistake, replying: "Wit ya pedo it's under my eye lid [sic]."

His, probably relieved, mother wrote back: "OMG I thought you meant STI as in sex trans disease."

Dylan posted the exchange on Twitter with the caption: "Had a shocker" where it has already been shared over 18,800 times.