A fed-up social media user has hit out at baby boomers in a controversial tweet after being shamed for still living with his parents.

Twitter user King Byran attempted to point out how ridiculous being shamed for living with his parents at 22 is by asking the question in a cheeky tweet.

The tweet sparked a massive response from other millennials who pointed out how much more difficult it is to move out now compared to when baby boomers were younger.

"They're called 'Boomerang babies', they leave the nest and come back because they got into too much student loan and credit card debt and earn less than 60k a year.


"It's a bankrupt system that we practice here and we have college graduates that can't even get health coverage," one person said.

"Like literally, WHY is living with parents looked down upon," another said.

One said: "The notion that you gotta move out right when you turn 18 is such a western baby boomer thing."

But others disagreed, saying people at that age should be out living on their own.

"I hear, all of this. But when meet a 23-year-olds who aren't independent and straight up rely on their parents or grandparents I'm terrified," one person said.

"Nah you ain't really an adult until you learn to live independently of your parents. U learn so much on your own that you wouldn't do otherwise," another wrote.

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