A celebrity doctor has shared a stomach-churning compilation video of the worst examples of botched lip fillers he's been asked to rectify.

Dr Tijion Esho, a London-based doctor who appears on the Channel 4 show Body Fixers, posted the clip on his YouTube channel this week, in which he refers to himself 'Dr Lip Popper' - a play on the name of the famous Dr Pimple Popper in the US - as he warns just what can happen to women who opt for cheap, unregulated procedures.

In an introduction to his video, the Harley Street doctor says: "Unfortunately, I have to clean up a lot of bad lip jobs."

"In the majority of cases the patients develop cysts when the filler is injected too superficially," he said of the footage contained in the clip, which includes multiple examples of pus being drained from swollen lips.


"To get rid of these we can inject a product to dissolve the fillers, but most of the time we need a needle to go into the cyst and pop it," he adds.

Warning viewers to "look away if they're squeamish", a compilation of stomach-churning clips in which the doctor uses a needle to drain the cysts he describes follows.

*Warning: Graphic content, may disturb some viewers

The reel, which sees Dr Esho squeezing out pus from the infected lips of a number of patients, has racked up hundreds of views.

Some fans - far from being put off by the grisly contents of the clip - begged him to post more.

Describing it as "satisfying", one brave person wrote: "Loved it! Would be lovely if the videos were longer squeeze it all out."

Another added: "Nice job Dr.Esho ! How do you treat the area after the incision? And in case of long standing cyst is there risk of expanding of the skin there?"

And one wrote: "Why do I love this so much!?", while a final person pleaded: "Keep them coming!"

Speaking to FEMAIL about the dangers of "cheap filler", Dr Esho said: "Risks include bleeding, bruising, infection, and allergy. In some rare but most concerning cases, this can lead to tissue necrosis where the blood vessel is blocked by preventing blood to that area of tissue which can then die, leading to disfigurement."


Dr Esho explained infection is a risk of any procedure but that this is increased when the product or filler used is unregulated or incorrectly administered.

He said: "Elements that put you at high risk are the use of unregulated products, an unsanitary clinic, poor aftercare and sharing syringes."

The cosmetic doctor urged anyone interested in having the procedure to ensure the practitioner is registered, correctly insured, and operating from a clean environment.

"This is so important as medical professionals undergo several years of medical training," he continued.

"The training is not just to perform the treatments but also to recognise medical problems and independently treat medical adverse events like tissue necrosis or allergy. This is paramount for your safety".