As the original "hot felon" Jeremy Meeks enjoys a life of luxury with his Topshop heiress fiance, Chloe Green, it can be easy to forget where he started.

Arrested for resisting arrest and gun possession, Meeks mugshot went viral as internet users labelled the hunky criminal "hot felon".

The picture scored Meeks and his cold baby blue glare a modelling contract. And while that was just the beginning for the felon, it looks like there might be another convict-turned-model in the making.

Now a post on Twitter account Mugshot Baes of a woman arrested for driving with a suspended license has gone viral.


Minus the orange jumpsuit, the young woman and her striking features could well be mistaken for that of a famous model.

The snap has since received over 1000 likes and 225 retweets, with one commenter suggesting she could be Meek's sister.

Another Twitter user wrote: "Not guilty for reasons of hot."

And yet another joked: "This one's bae. I'd bail her out any time."