Some people are still single simply because they've yet to find The One — but others have some very specific reasons in mind of their lacking love lives.

Jimmy Fallon tapped into these romantically challenged viewers' stories this week, asking them to share some of sad, embarrassing, and funny reasons they are unattached with the hashtag #WhyImSingle, according to The Daily Mail.

'The Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon. Photo / Getty Images.
'The Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon. Photo / Getty Images.

Hundreds obliged, and while the late night talk show host read a few highlights on his program on Thursday night, Twitter holds many more cute and cringe-worthy tales worth perusing.

'Went on a blind date & had a GREAT conversation with the guy for 40 minutes,' tweeted @tidewoddergirl. 'I went to the Ladies' Room & when I returned, sat down & resumed chatting. He looked a little confused & then I heard a voice behind me say, "You're at the wrong table. I'm over here."'


There are hundreds more online, which range from mortifying to perfectly understandable

A man named Zach Feldman wrote: "A cute girl at work walked by me while I was filling my water bottle. She smiled at me and rather than saying hi I let out a moan and said "Hydration am I right.""

"I can't differentiate if someone is being nice to me or flirting, I just assume every one is being nice to avoid any awkward confrontation," write uesr @laura_sifuente5.

Another, @phillymoreno, blamed it on the dating pool, writing: "I'm surrounded by idiots."

"I'm mentally dating a handful of fictional characters," said @spn_enthusiast, in a tweet that many other people seemed to relate to.

A woman name Erin Bode wrote she is single 'because dating is exhausting and my dog loves me.'

"I have a cat named Her Majesty Queen Meow Meow von Buckingham III, Esq." wrote another pet owner, @erin1237.

"One time on a dating app the guy I was talking to mentioned that he hiked to a waterfall to which I said that TLC told me not to go chasing waterfalls so I don't go near them. The conversation stopped," wrote a woman named Caitlin Regina.

"I still use the finger L trick to determine my left from my right" offered Twitter user @izzy_isamachine.

"I've see too many episodes of Criminal Minds, and apparently "How would you characterize your relationship with your mother?" isn't great first date material," shared @BelleofBabble.

"I fall for famous people and stay away from real people just in case the celebrity realizes I'm the one for them," chimed in @taraxxgrace.

A woman name Mackenzie Nelson recalled: "While talking to a guy I liked about my friend, he asked if she was a redhead, then apologized & said, "it's probably weird that I know her from your Instagram." To make him feel better, I said, "No it's ok, I look at your Instagram every night before I go to bed!""

Finally, a man named Mike Keller offered up this awkward tale: "When I was in my twenties a girl I worked with (who I liked) told me that I looked nice in the sweater that I was wearing. To which I said, "I like sweaters. Sweaters are warm." After that I turned, walked away and went back to my cubicle."