Allez les Bleus!

Grizzles the mayoral results rooster has backed his beloved France to take out the FIFA World Cup final on Monday, morning sticking with what has been his favoured side throughout the month-long tournament... for the most part.

The rooster has been predicting the outcome of matches by choosing trays of food placed under flags.

A patchy pool play and round of 16 was followed by a 100 per cent record in the quarter finals when he picked all four winners.


Grizzles then backed that up by correctly picking Croatia to knock England out at the semi-final stage.

But he didn't hold his nerve with his support for France, wrongly predicting them to be sent home by the Belgians on Wednesday.

His owner has found an excuse though.

"Grizzles, who has been supporting France this whole way its still going for Le Coq," McDouall said on Friday.

"I assume his error in the semi-final was because he is colour blind and the Belgium flag looks similar. No mistaking today though. Allez les Bleus."

The World Cup final, France, vs Croatia, kicks off at 3am on Monday.