Women are giving themselves "peegasms" in a bizarre new sex trend.

Fans are claiming they are achieving solo orgasms by urinating after holding it in.

A man asked users of an online forum if they also have so-called "p*** shivers" after his girlfriend told him releasing pent-up urine causes her to experience shivers "from her spine to her head".

Many women were quick to reply that the technique creates a "whole body massage", the Daily Mail reports.


Yet doctors are warning the trend could lead to painful urinary infections that may cause kidney damage.

Full bladders stimulate nerves linked to arousal

An over-full bladder is thought to stimulate nerves in the pelvis that control arousal, with letting go creating an orgasm-like sensation.

Responding to the thread on Reddit, many women claim they are most likely to "peegasm" after waking in the night.

Others add that although they get a pleasurable feeling from releasing urine from a full bladder, they claim it does not make them orgasm.

While others add the feeling is unpleasant and far from orgasmic.

Bizarre trend puts women at risk of cystitis

Doctors warn that "peegasms" can only be achieved if the bladder is holding urine for longer than normal, which is a cause of infections.


Due to women being more prone to cystitis than men, medics add the bizarre act should be avoided by all, even those who are healthy.

They add there are many other less risky ways women can experience sexual pleasure.

ABC holds a debate to whether sex addiction is a real compulsion. Source: ABC

Sex addiction is a mental-health disorder, declares World Health Organisation

This comes after the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared sex addiction is a mental-health disorder earlier this month.

Known as compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, it is defined as an inability to control intense sexual urges leading to people neglecting their health despite often deriving no pleasure from being intimate, according to a report issued by the WHO.

Patients must suffer from the disorder for at least six months, and experience substantial distress as a result of their addiction, before being diagnosed, the report adds.

It is unclear if this move will lead to sex addiction treatment being provided on Britain's National Health Service, which does not currently consider it to be a condition.

Comedian Russell Brand has been to rehab for sex addiction saying being active between the sheets gives him "a breathing space, when you're outside of yourself and your own head".