Belle Gibson conned thousands, but the "wellness guru" is yet to pay her dues according to the state of Victoria.

Gibson, 26, was fined $446,000 over false claims she had brain cancer and for telling followers on social media she healed herself with a healthy diet and alternative treatments.

The "influencer" was also found to have lied to her supporters about donating more than $478,000 from her app and book earnings to charities and a boy with brain cancer. In fact she only donated about $10,000.

Consumer Affairs Victoria took legal action against Gibson for five breaches of consumer law. Yet Gibson may now face a further warning after not paying any of the money owed.


The state of Victoria has made an application for a Federal Court endorsement that could expose Gibson to prosecution for not paying.

Belle Gibson is yet to pay a cent of her massive fine. Photo / Facebook
Belle Gibson is yet to pay a cent of her massive fine. Photo / Facebook

"It is in the nature of a warning," said the director's barrister Elle Nikou Madalin, according to AAP.

"We are now concerned that there may be contempt down the track.

"We don't want to create a situation where down the track Ms Gibson might try to claim wilful blindness."

Nikou Madalin noted that Gibson could start paying the fine by instalments and would then only be open to contempt action is she refused to pay or couldn't afford it.

However, Gibson's lawyer Andrew Tragardh opposed the application, saying only two letters had been sent to his client and there were other avenues to enforce payment.

"This is an unusual, extraordinary and very serious application without proper basis," Mr Tragardh said.

Justice Debra Mortimer is set to deliver her ruling on the application at a later date.


At the time the original fine was served, the judge described Gibson as "cavalier" and having a "relentless obsession with herself".

Gibson had faced a maximum penalty of $1.1 million.