Schapelle Corby's friends might need to have a word with her about her frequent posting crazy of photos on Instagram.

Her latest doozy is a selfie, captured in some very flattering lighting, which depicts the convicted drug smuggler holding a man's foot in her hand.

She has entwined her fingers in the man's toes and rests her chin on top.

She captioned the photo with the hashtag "#StillWearingTheSmileYouGaveMe". Take from that what you will.



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The foot in question probably belongs to her Balinese boyfriend Ben Panangian, who is also a convicted drug offender and now runs a paddle boarding business in Bali.

The couple met in Indonesia's notorious Kerobokan prison in 2006.

Panangian has previously spoken about how he found it really tough to be apart from Schapelle when she was deported from Bali last year.

"It is lonely with her not here,' Panangian told New Idea. "I really hope we can see each other again in the future, but we don't know. It's all uncertain and so it's difficult to make any plans."

He said it was difficult to plan for the future but they aimed to be reunited.

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"We dream of getting back together," he said. "But we don't speak of marriage or children. Once we know if we can see each other again, we can talk about it."

It's unlikely Corby will be permitted to return to Indonesia given her drug conviction.

Panangian has also been sentenced for three-and-a-half years for marijuana possession, which could make it difficult for him to enter Australia.

Let's hope these two lovebirds can be reunited in the future.

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