Men with large penises can soon resume normal sexual activity - the end is in sight to a nationwide shortage of prescription condoms.

Durex is promising its Confidence 56mm condoms will be back in full supply next week.

The Herald reported yesterday that Government drug-buying agency Pharmac had an ongoing "stock issue" with the large condom supplies.

Pharmacies have been instructed to ration supplies and in some parts of the country, recipients were limited to two boxes each.


"Durex is now back in full supply and pharmacies will have access to these supplies over the next week," a spokeswoman said.

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Chemists ration condoms after supply issue with Durex Confidence brand

She said demand had increased for Durex condoms here and overseas in recent months.

"This has led to there being a short-term impact on the availability of Durex Confidence condoms in New Zealand," the spokeswoman said.

"No other country is affected by this short-term impact."

Durex Confidence stock levels have been low since March. Other similar condoms were used to cover the shortfall.