The Hits radio host Toni Street has celebrated another milestone in her surrogate pregnancy journey - and this one's come with a surprise.

Street's third baby, a boy due in August, is being carried by surrogate and close friend Sophie Braggins. During the 30-week scan Street shared they noticed something not seen in the breakfast radio host's first two children, Juliette, 5, and Mackenzie, 3: A lot of hair.

"It had like a little mohawk! And both my girls were like bald babies!" Street said. "The lady kept going, 'Wow. This boy's got a lot of hair.'"

Street has also welcomed the news that his development rate puts him in the 75th percentile, meaning her little boy could be a bit of whopper at birth.


"Large babies usually sleep better," Street explained to co-hosts Sam Wallace and Sarah Gandy.

While Wallace suggested an embryo switch might explain the unexpected shock of hair, Street surmised it's likely due to her husband Matt's "Greek genes infiltrating".

*This story has been edited and republished with permission from The Hits