Maketu make-up artist Michaela Bird has always loved anything to do with beauty.

Now, she has a one-in-15 chance of winning NYX Cosmetics New Zealand 2018 Face Awards.

The nationwide make-up competition has tasked participants to come up with themed looks and tutorial videos since the competition first called for submissions in mid-March.

Contestants release their content to the public, who can vote up to three times a day for their favourite looks.


Bird, 25, recently completed her second challenge look based on the "Drop Dead Gorgeous" theme. The public can vote from tomorrow until this Friday. The top six will then be announced on Monday, June 18.

Bird said she prides herself on coming up with original and creative make-up concepts, in describing her second challenge look.

"I begin the story as a dark and sinister queen walking through a magical forest. I reveal that I have a dark gift - I am able to drain all of the beauty from living things in order to make myself beautiful.

"By the end I have killed everything I have touched and they fall dead and black at my feet but I have become a flawless goddess sitting atop my golden thrown," she said.

What set Bird apart from her competitors was her Māori heritage and thinking about the broader picture, she said.

"I tie everything I do back to my Māori roots and in thinking of my concepts, I like creating a whole scene.

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"I'm always thinking about the wig, the background, the details, the crown."

Despite the other competitors putting out a lot of good content, Bird said she was excited about her chances of advancing to the top six.

"The competition is really strong but I feel good. I've put a lot of effort into my concept.

"The best part of my experience so far has been to really push my creativity as an artist as well as getting my family on board to help with this project," she said.

Bird left high school to pursue her make-up and beauty passions, eventually studying at Auckland's Samala Robinson Academy.

Michaela Bird's make-up skills have seen her selected as a finalist in a national competition. Photo/file
Michaela Bird's make-up skills have seen her selected as a finalist in a national competition. Photo/file

She said her leaving gave her sisters the confidence to go pursue their a love of food. Karena and Kasey Bird went on to win the 2014 MasterChef New Zealand title.

"I feel as though we constantly inspire each other. I'm really proud of them and feel so grateful that we are all able to do what we love," Bird said.

Should Bird make it to the top six, she will have two weeks to shoot her final challenge video, with voting open from July 2 to July 5.

The public can vote for their favourite look by going to

The winner will take away artist of the year, $10,000 cash, a trip to Los Angeles and a year's supply of NYX professional make-up.