In a world of extremely fast fashion, it can be hard to get noticed. Especially when you're a menswear brand selling another run of beige chinos. Yawn.

But the simple addition of a strategically placed pocket has ensured these otherwise unmemorable trousers at least send some "LOLs" around the internet before winding up on AliExpress with a big discount promo code.

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The creation of Japanese experimental label, GU, the functioning pocket is positioned over the wearer's crotch. And while what they might store in there is their business, it's also, unavoidably, yours. Note: a lumpy set of house keys, a packet of Mentos or your trusty pocket knife are all ill-advised options.


If a white penis pocket isn't enough of a statement for you, the pouch is also available in tan or navy.

They're not the first in statement bottoms gone viral, and no doubt won't be the last. You remember Topshop's Mom Jeans with plastic knee inserts - which retailed for around $95 and are now sold out on Nordstrom (your guess is as good as ours). And the high-end designer Thibaut's denim jeans that consisted of nothing but a waist band and crotch seams.

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At least at just $13 a pair, GU's penis-pocket chinos are certainly a cheaper option.