If you like variety in your meal and a chance to chat with the expert chefs, ask them for recommendations or get them to make a dish just how you would like it done, then you will simply love Eight.

There is literally something for everyone here. Our eight specialist kitchens offer Grill, Salads, Seafood, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian and Dessert, all generously served up with style. Point to exactly what takes your fancy and the chefs will cook it to your liking.

But some guests have eyes only on Eight's Seafood Kitchen. We can't blame them. The bountiful display of seafood here is dream-like. Plump pink prawns, delicately curled scampi tails, crimson crawfish, big, beautiful Balmain bugs, blush-red crab legs and juicy mussels and clams glisten on their platters. As many fresh local oysters in the half-shell as you think you can tackle. Fat fillets of fresh-caught, seasonal local fish.

Sourced as locally as possible, freshness is paramount at Eight's Seafood Kitchen, which is why you'll find the lineup of fish changes from day to day, depending on what the fishing boats have brought in at the break of dawn. You can tuck in with a clear conscience too, because Eight's local seafood is caught using the groundbreaking Tiaki sustainable fishing method that prevents wasteful by-catch and delivers the right catch to the docks, in impeccable condition.


At Eight, the choice is all yours, and there is no catch but the freshest catch. The only limit to how much of this delicious seafood bounty you can get through is your own hard-earned appetite. The Seafood Kitchen at Eight might be one of the best kept dining secrets in town, but there's no reason to keep quiet about it, there's plenty to go around.

Did you know?

Dinner at Eight is when you'll find the most choice, with around 15 varieties of fish and other seafood to select from, but lunch also has plenty going for it. Both sittings boast free-flow fresh local oysters, served in their own half shells and perfectly cooked top-quality prawns; help yourself to your heart's delight.

Special winter deals at Eight*:
Lunch: Monday -Friday $58, Saturday-Sunday $78
Dinner: Sunday-Friday $98, Saturday $128
Children under 12 years dine half price.

Mention "CANVAS8" and receive a free bottle of Babich wine for every group of 4 adults booked for dinner. Call (09) 300 2924.

*Prices valid now until end August 2018.