A woman snapped a picture of herself in the bathroom mirror perched up on a counter while she was on a vacation in Mexico.

But while Paula Sophia Garcia Espino's picture - who is believed to be based in California - was flattering as it showed off her legs in tiny shorts, it was the background that attracted the attention of people online.

One person shared the image on Twitter and noted the bizarre design of the bathroom, including the tissue paper roll that was far away from the toilet, according to the Daily Mail.

"Why is the toilet paper roll so far from the toilet," one user wrote on Twitter after the selfie was posted.


Her post quickly went viral and was shared more than 20,000 times by Wednesday morning.

Paula told Buzzfeed News that she never even noticed the layout of the bathroom just how she looked in the picture.

"I didn't actually think much of where things were placed when I took the picture," she said. "I just focused on how I looked instead of what was going on behind me."

Besides the issue with the toilet paper roll, people also noted that there was a towel rack situated underneath the bowl.

Also, based on the mirror selfie, there was only one plug visible in the picture and it was above the toilet away from the sink.

Twitter users were confounded by the bizarre layout and how anyone could get anything done in the bathroom.

Paula told Buzzfeed that she was in her aunt's bathroom for the viral selfie, but she had never noticed the layout before.

"To be honest I never noticed all these odd things until people pointed them out," Paula said.


But she reassured the public that there is in fact a toilet paper roll right next to the toilet, but it is not visible in the picture.