*Warning: Graphic image

If you're in the not-too-fussed-about-taking-off-your-mascara-at-night camp, this may encourage you to clean up your act.

When a 50-year-old woman went to the doctor complaining of severe eye irritation, mucous discharge and a heavy sensation in her eye lids she had no idea it was all caused by a common beauty product.

After using mascara for 25-years without properly removing it each day the woman was left with a number of chronic eye issues that no lubricating gels or eye drops could help.


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A picture of the woman's eyelid was posted to Facebook by Forestway Optometry in Glenrose, Sydney and shows a number of hard calcified bumps buried under her eyelid, known as concretions.

The post, which has now been removed, explained that she had to undergo a 90 minute procedure to remove the painful build up.

A similar image on Facebook shows the painful condition.

I was told by an eye doctor there are calcium deposits in the inner surface of my eyelids...should I be concerned...

Posted by ISEC International Specialist Eye Centre on Tuesday, 16 August 2016