Millions watched overnight as Meghan Markle walked down the aisle to an awaiting Prince Harry.

But what did Harry say to her when he greeted her for the first time on their wedding day?

It depends on who you talk to, but some believe that the Prince dropped an unfortunate but natural S-bomb as he shared a moment with Meghan at the altar.

After Meghan asked the nervous Prince how he was holding up, lip readers believe Harry responded with: "I'm shitting it".


While many are convinced of Harry's S-bomb, others have taken a less controversial stance claiming he said: "you look amazing, I'm so lucky".

Harry's altar moment may not have been the only slip-up of the day.

Twitter was sent into a meltdown after Meghan Markle appeared to drop the F-bomb
during her horse-drawn carriage ride through Windsor with Prince Harry.

The bride turned to her husband and seemingly laughed "Oh f***!" and put her hand over her chest as the carriage pulled away from the crowds and into the gated grounds of Windsor Castle.

People quickly took to social media to poke fun at the overwhelmed 36-year-old for her apparent blunder, while others speculate she simply said "Oh, wow!"

Meghan wasn't the only one caught making candid remarks during the 25-minute ride through town.

Prince Harry joked "I'm ready for a drink now" as he and Meghan pulled back into Windsor Castle after a rapturous reception from crowds of jubilant well-wishers.

Earlier in the day, Prince William joked to Harry, that his "trousers are too tight".

During the ride, the newlyweds swapped remarks about some of the signs being held by members of the public, with Harry commenting "huge" at one point during the procession, and Meghan saying "how sweet".

Fans cheered as the couple were brought down Castle Hill, through the crowded town centre and then back to Windsor Castle along the Long Walk, escorted by a colourful travelling Escort of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

The streets of the Berkshire town became a sea of Union Jack and Stars and Stripes flags as visitors from around the world crowded around the procession route to catch of glimpse of the happy couple.

Some have been camped out near the castle walls for days, while others arrived as early as 4am to secure a good spot.

The newly-announced Duke and Duchess of Sussex smiled and waved to ecstatic crowds, some of whom have camped out for days to be at the front of the throng.

After the carriage travelled past, one royal fan, Rachael Carter-Eagleton said: "She looked amazing. She shone like a diamond."

The Queen lent the couple her refurbished Landau carriage, which was built for Queen Victoria, which normally carries the monarch to Royal Ascot.

The ceremony was played through loudspeakers hanging on the side of Windsor Castle, so the crowds gathered on the streets outside can hear but not see proceedings.

During the service, a crowd in Horseshoe Cloister shouted a resounding "We will" as the Archbishop of Canterbury posed the question inside St George's Chapel as to whether the families and friends of Prince Harry and Meghan would support them in their marriage.