A couple of minutes' drive from each other on Lincoln Rd are two Southern fried chicken spots.

You all know Colonel Sanders' but Texas Chicken is the new(ish) kid on the block - a chain that started from humble beginnings in 1950s San Antonio - as Church's Chicken - and is now franchised globally.

There are some okay chicken burgers, Mexican-inspired tortillas and some artery-clogging desserts, but the reason to come here is the spicy chicken and the honey-butter buns (light scones brushed with a heated honey, butter mixture - sweet enough to double as dessert).


The bone-in chicken is hand-battered, made in small batches and comes hot and spicy; bite into it and there's an audible crunch.

It has everything you want in a good piece of fried chicken - juicy, tender meat coated in spicy, crunchy breading (if spice isn't your thing, there's a non-spice option).

If you're a clean eater, this is cheat day nirvana; if you're not, this is simply the best fast-food fried chicken around, light on the grease and good value.

A three-piece chicken box is just $12.50 and comes with fries, creamy potato and gravy, one of those honey-butter buns and a bottomless soft drink (tip - substitute the fries for the coleslaw, a great mouth-cooler after that spice).

Driving through and picking up is a good option (they don't take phone orders unless it's a big catering order) as the service and dine-in experience is spotty at best. Most times I've visited, leftover trays, cartons and cups litter the tables.

But you can forgive a lot if there's good fried chicken to be had.

My favourite thing about dining-in is the wash-up station adjacent to the counter; you clean up after eating and get back on the road.

Texas Chicken
301 Lincoln Rd
Ph: (09) 835 0438
Cost: $12.90 for one.