Who do you call when you're a spoiled 15-year-old whose mum is trying to put the brakes on your $100,000-a-year lifestyle?

Nicolette, a girl seemingly more in need of a reality check than another allowance cheque, called US talk show guru and psychologist Dr Phil McGraw.

The self-described Beverly Hills brat outlined her plight — and lifestyle — before a live audience episode of the Dr Phil show, after her mother cut her allowance from $US5000 ($7136) a month to $US1000 ($1427).

In a video on the Dr Phil Facebook page the teen appealed to the host saying: "I can't deal with this. And that's why I came to you for help."


Appearing with her mother, Nina, on the show, Nicolette told Dr Phil she wanted him to "get straight with her mum" that she couldn't live off $1000 a month.

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"I grew up on a certain lifestyle. She just can't take that away from me immediately," she said.

"If someone took that lifestyle away from her, she wouldn't like that. And I grew up on it, it's all I've ever known."

Her mother revealed she'd spent almost $143,000 last year footing her daughter's bills.

In front of a largely incredulous audience, Nicolette showed she was all about compromise, saying she needed her mum to understand "I need at least $US2500 a month".

"She works all the time. She doesn't do anything for me. She doesn't drive me anywhere," she told Dr Phil.

"Other people would have their mums drive them places ... buy them food ... make them food, but I have to do everything myself, and I need the funds for that.


"I eat out a lot. I make food at home but I get bored and it makes a huge mess, and I don't like cleaning up."

She also "needs" a brand new "G-wagon" — a Mercedes-Benz G class sports utility costing $252,000 — for her 16th birthday.

"There's no question ... I need that," she said.

"I like the way it looks. I've wanted one for over two years now."

Nicolette's mum, Nina, spent $US100,000 in a year on her daughter's bills. Photo / Dr. Phil
Nicolette's mum, Nina, spent $US100,000 in a year on her daughter's bills. Photo / Dr. Phil

Her mother wants to give her a high-end Mercedes C class car.

"I will accept that car, but ... I will not be driving anything that could be considered an Uber X," she said, dismissing the idea of a Toyota or a Honda to a laughing audience.


When Dr Phil pointed out his own car didn't cost as much as the one Nicolette wanted, and it seemed an "exorbitant amount to spend that on a car," she told the host: "We are talking about me here, this is my show".

Dr Phil dispensed his usual does of tough love, telling Nina to hand out more love and less cash to her daughter, and telling Nicolette to get a job in the real world.

It prompted tears from the teen who said it was "too late" for more love, that "minimum wage" isn't going to get her the car, and getting a job is "too much hard work".