Are you a good driver? Maybe even secretly a terrible one? Your star sign might be to blame.

Going by a study conducted by Australian car sharing company GoGet, star signs could have something to do with your driving skills.

The company reportedly tested 100,000 users over a million trips and found which star signs are most and least likely to break the law or get into a car accident.

The result is good news for some but not so great for others. Leos, for example, are most likely to speed and also most likely to miss a fine payment.


Pisces were found to be the most likely to run a red light and most likely to park in a no stopping zone.

Are you a Libra? Good news: you're pretty good at respecting speed limits. You do get a bit distracted and are the most likely to illegally drive in a bus lane.

The research is all a bit of fun but it's mostly a reminder for people to stay safe on the roads, regardless of what the horoscope says.

"This research is fun, but if you find some truth to the results, use it as an excuse to be a better driver," a GoGet spokesperson said. "It's always good to remind ourselves to drive safe."

Star sign driving

Run a red light

Most likely: Pisces

Least likely: Virgo

Miss a fine payment
Most likely: Leo
Least likely: Scorpio


Most likely: Leo
Least likely: Libra

Park in a no stopping zone
Most likely: Pisces
Least likely: Gemini

Illegally drive in a bus lane
Most likely: Libra
Least likely: Taurus