A cat is lucky to be alive after it was found with an arrow through the back of his head.

Horrifying images were posted up online after a member of the public discovered Beau the ginger tabby in immense pain on the side of the road in Perth, Australia.

Beau was rushed to the vet, where staff found the wound to be infested with maggots.

"The arrow could have been stuck in the cat's head for up to two days before he was rescued," the RSPCA Western Australia posted on Monday.


An RSPCA spokesman said Beau had surgery to get the arrow out and was so far recovering well.

The shocking photo sparked more than 1500 reactions, 600 shares and hundreds of comments hitting out at whoever is responsible for the "vile" act.

"Cannot believe someone can do this to a defenceless animal - karma is coming your way you low life useless oxygen thief - you may think that you will get away with it, but your day will come. Prayers go to Beau - and to the vets for helping him. Get better soon beautiful boy," one woman commented.

Another added: "When will we start to get tougher on acts like this? If it happened to a child there would be consequences. These beautiful trusting animals are just as vulnerable and acts like this should be met with the same punishments. Poor ginger ninja I hope he finds a furever home."

"It never ceases to amaze me how people can do this! There needs to be harsher penalties. The penalty for a crime on an animal needs to be equal to that same crime on a person. Am glad he is recovering. Hope he gets a nice home, poor baby."

The RSPCA has since been inundated with offers of a new home for Beau.