Victoria's Secret model Bridget Malcolm has apologised for publicising the "unhealthy" diet and exercise habits she has adhered to "over the past couple years".

The Aussie model addressed her followers who had taken issue with posts detailing workouts and information on her "healthy balanced diet".

Malcolm claims she didn't know her diet and exercise plan was unhealthy when she shared it to her legions of followers.

"I now know that I was completely in the depths of body dysmorphia and it really worries me that I was not a positive role model out there," she wrote.


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"I do genuinely want to be someone who uses her platform mindfully and in a positive way, and even when I was at my most unwell, I wanted to be a good role model."

The ex-Playmate added that she never lied about what she was eating and never intended to mislead her followers.

"When I claimed that I ate loads, I thought that I did. I would eat such an extreme diet, and train so hard because I would look in the mirror and see someone who needed to lose weight looking back at me," Malcolm said.

On her blog earlier in the month Malcolm revealed she has stopped dieting altogether and thrown away the clothes she wore when she was at her skinniest and most unhealthy.

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She also suggested she wasn't alone in her battle, sharing that there are other models in the industry who still follow her dangerous former lifestyle and struggle with body dysmorphia.

"Body dysmorphia is a terrifying thing. I have had countless conversations with fellow models, all of whom are tiny, where they call themselves fat," Malcolm said.

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