With 90s trends resurfacing everywhere we look, it's hardly surprising that names from the era are set to come back into fashion in 2018.

According to US parenting website, BabyCentre, parents are looking to iconic figures from the 90s for inspiration when it comes to naming their children.

However shocking, Britney didn't make the list, but girls names set to make a come back are, Jessica, Jennifer, Kimberly and Molly.

For boys, Brad, Ryan, Christopher and Ross will all be making their way back into fashion, which the BabyCentre states is a welcome change.


"While these names may sound over-familiar and even old-fashioned to us '80s and '90s kids, they'll be a breath of fresh air among all the Ivys and Noahs at nursery and playgroup," the baby name experts insist.

The top 90s baby names for 2018


1. Maria
2. Courtney
3. Helen
4. Heather
5. Bethan
6. Lydia
7. Kimberley
8. Naomi
9. Abbie
10. Harriet
11. Amber
12. Molly
13. Jennifer
14. Stephanie
15. Abigail
16. Sophie
17. Jessica
18. Danielle
19. Georgia
20. Natalie


1. Bradley
2. Daniel
3. Ryan
4. Christopher
5. Lewis
6. Nathan
7. Connor
8. Scott
9. Nicholas
10. Peter
11. Cameron
12. Mitchell
13. Timothy
14. Toby
15. Danny
16. Christian
17. Stuart
18. Simon
19. Ross
20. Paul