Justin Trudeau may be one of the most influential men in the world, but like everyone else, he is powerless against the wrath of an unhappy three-year-old.

We're not sure how it slipped past our radar at the time, but while Trudeau's family was touring India at the end of February, the family took part in a bunch of official duties that the youngest member of the family was *not* thrilled about.

And the pictures are too good not to share, as news.com.au reports.

The photo below of Hadrien throwing a full-body tantrum while his family signed a guest book at a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi thrilled parents all over the world. You could almost hear the collective sigh of "if Justin Trudeau can't control his kids, what hope do I have?"


Hadrien's excellent form at official duties meant he quickly became a Twitter favourite.

It wasn't his only toddler-moment. He had some fun with flower petals, took a load off on a red carpet and became truly engrossed by a pond in a temple.

Moments after staring into the blue sphere in that photo, he got up and danced on it:

He also foiled an older fellow in India from pulling on his ears like a larrikin. He's no fool:

He quickly became the fodder of memes:

As one headline read during the Trudeau family tour: "We should all aspire to be as carefree as Hadrien Trudeau".