A new survey reveals that British vegetarians fall off the meat-free wagon whenever they find themselves a few drinks past bedtime.

A poll of 1789 vegetarians in Britain found that 37 per cent of those who embrace a vegetarian lifestyle forget about said lifestyle every time they get drunk.

A total of 34 per cent of survey respondents admitted they eat meat every single time they get drunk, so we're not just talking about a slip up here and there.

Another 26 per cent said they do it "fairly often" and 22 per cent "rarely" eat meat when they're drunk (or do they meant they like it rare?).



And if you thought that they'd still have the presence of mind to go for organic meat, you'll be surprised to know that's not even remotely part of their concerns when drunk. The humble kebab is the top choice for drunk vegetarians on a night out.

Beef burgers and bacon were the other top contenders, followed by fried chicken and pork sausages.

The survey also asked how many of those vegetarians had admitted to eating meat while drunk and a staggering 69 per cent said they'd never told anyone.


The survey was conducted by the website VoucherCodesPro, which surveyed 1789 vegetarians across the UK.