New compulsory reading and numeracy tests that some Australian high school students are required to pass have been criticised by a leading teachers' union.

The tests, along with a 500-word writing exam, are required to be passed by students in Australia in order for them to receive their HSC from 2020.

But Maurie Mulheron, president of the NSW Teachers' Federation, said the baffling tests will only hamper students.

"No one would want a child not meeting minimum standards, but these tests are completely unnecessary because we have a thing called years 11 and 12 with a rich assessment component and the HSC, which is a world-class qualification," Mr Mulheron told Fairfax Media.


If students do not pass the test after finishing Year 12 then they will receive a Record of School Achievement instead of the HSC.

Here are some sample questions from the tests, published by Yahoo7, can you answer them?



Lee paid $29.95 for a shirt. It was on sale at a 50 per cent discount.

Which of the following is the best estimate for the original price of the shirt?

A)$15 B) $30, C)$45, D)$60

2. A helicopter flying north has turned clockwise through 225°.

In what direction is the helicopter now heading?




__________ you have finished your first year courses, you cannot enrol in the second year.

Choose the word that best completes the sentence.

A) After B) Because C) When D) Until

2. Which of the following is correctly punctuated?

A) 'I think,' said Sam, 'that I am going to start art classes.'

B) 'I think.' said Sam, 'That I am going to start art classes.'

C) 'I think, said Sam, that I am going to start art classes.'

D) 'I think, said Sam. 'That I am going to start art classes.'



1. D, 2 D

Literacy: 1. D 2. A