A Melbourne mum says she lost a staggering 28kg in just six months, without even leaving her own home to exercise.

Wilda Fox gave birth to her son Harley in 2016, but said she struggled to stay active during her pregnancy due to nausea, tiredness and a lack of motivation.

At 28, Wilda had always been active β€” training at least five or six times a week before she fell pregnant.

"I would do cardio for about 30 minutes in the morning, and then a strength or weight workout in the evening for about 45 minutes," she told news.com.au.


But during pregnancy, she didn't feel like she was able to train effectively.

"I didn't want to lift weights, and I felt lost at the gym," she said.

"By my second trimester, I decided to leave my gym, which I hadn't ever done in my adult life."

After giving birth, Wilda was determined to get her pre-pregnancy body back. But, as with most new mothers, she was time-poor, exhausted and had a young baby to care for.

So instead of going back to her old ways at the gym, Wilda β€” who weighed around 80kg after the birth of her son β€” sought training advice from her husband Matt, who is a former professional athlete turned personal trainer.

"He recommended at-home, body-weight-based workouts," she said.

"The intensity changes each day, but it's always around 25-35 minutes when he [Harley] is napping.

"Because my husband wouldn't get home until late ... I didn't have the energy to go to the gym at night, so having the time while Harley was sleeping meant I could do this workout."

Wilda says her workout β€” which is usually made up of a circuit of squats, lunges, burpees, dips, planks, star jumps and occasional walks β€” really helped to shed the weight.

"I don't really do cardio anymore ... if I feel like going for a walk or a jog I will for a mental break, but not as part of my exercise," she explained.

Eats more, weighs less

Wilda said another area of her lifestyle she changed was her diet. Prior to falling pregnant, she would consume a diet filled with carbohydrates and protein, and would often try multiple diets to keep weight off.

But Wilda said she now eats far more than she used to, and is slimmer than she's ever been.

"I would eat what I read online, and was to the belief that you need to cut carbs to slim down," she said.

"But by doing that, I felt like I couldn't perform. Today, I like oats, potatoes and brown rice. When you have to take it out of your life, what's the point if you can't enjoy it every day?"

Wilda says instead of eating broccoli, white fish and not much else β€” she now has a diet rich in carbohydrates, fats and protein.

"For breakfast I usually have oats, and a smoothie with some fruits and almond milk if I want a snack," she explained.

"For lunch, I'll have a roasted vegie salad with no meat, as I find red meat can make me feel bloated.

"In the afternoon I'll have some fruit and then for dinner, I make sure to eat more than at any other time of the day, which is usually some rice, more vegies and fish."

Wilda, who said she now weighs less than what she did before having her son, said one of the biggest problems new mums often face post-pregnancy is pressure to snap back in to shape.

"I think a lot of people look at themselves when your younger and say I want to get back to that," she said.

"But it's not going to happen. Even if I am fitter now, I'm never going to have that tightness I could've had at 20 before having a baby.

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"It is confronting when you look at yourself and then look at a celebrity after having a baby. But women need to stop looking at those things, because I'm never going to be that person.

I hope everyone on my Instagram is inspired but not envious. If you put your mind to something you can do it."