People are revealing the weirdest things they misunderstood as children after a writer asked her followers to share their funniest stories.

Taking to Twitter, Jennifer Wright wrote: "What's the weirdest thing you remember misunderstanding as a kid? I thought adultery meant 'pretending to be an adult.'"

With over 4,000 comments and counting, the thread has gone viral on Twitter and Jennifer's original question has been retweeted over 1,000 times, reports The Daily Mail.

Sharing that she also thought clowns were "born looking that way",Jennifer revealed that as a child she was told it was rude to point or stare at anyone who looked differently, so she used to "gaze at them with respectful solemnity, like a little Queen Victoria" instead.


Twitter user @lifeliner2 shared: "Also while reciting the Lord's Prayer as a kid, I always pictured God in front of an easel because "Our Father, who ART in heaven...""

For @mariadkins9, taking things literally got the better of her. "I thought watergate was an actual gate. like a dam that holds back water," she offered.

While @Kgisamazing let her imagination get the best of her: "When I used to put away cutlery I would always imagine them talking to each other and would always try and pair them up so they had a buddy when they went to 'school', if they were odd numbered I'd whisper, 'You guys are going to be a group of three this time it's okay'."

And @deadlydannyray revealed: "I used to think seahorses were mythical creatures like unicorns or pegasuses (pegasi?). I...umm...was well in my 20s before I saw one in aquarium and discovered the truth."

Twitter user @HarlighQuinn admitted: "I thought little people lived in the radio playing music and talking. I was 5."

And @ElizabelleM explained how the word 'sexual' got lost in translation when she was the same age.

"A friend and I (both around 5 yrs old) thought the word 'sexual' meant something like 'sophisticated' so we went around the grocery store saying 'that's so sexual' about things until her mom told us to stop."‏

Twitter user @alleybeck offered: "I thought 'incognito' was a place, as in 'I'm staying IN Cognito for a while.' I figured it was probably a tropical island where you could go if you just had to get away for a while."