Whether you are staying in, perhaps to have a barbie with pals or plan on heading out, enjoy the start of autumn the right way with our current favourite meal ideas.

Try popping the last of your summer veggies on the barbie, head to the always delicious Cassia or check out the food options available in Wynyard Quarter during the Auckland Arts Festival.

Dining out

Restaurant review: Cassia in Auckland CBD

The scallop entree on the menu at Cassia. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas
The scallop entree on the menu at Cassia. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas

Jesse Mulligan toasts to Cassia's unwavering consistency.


He writes: "Multiple winner of the best restaurant in Auckland award, it has become the place you go when you need to eat somewhere that is definitely good.

"After all, that's the reason I was there, trying to make up for a dud meal last week and, let's be truthful, to satisfy some professional curiosity I had over the recent consensus that this is THE best eatery in the city."

Read his full review over on viva.co.nz.

Staying in

Ray McVinnie's late summer BBQ ideas

Ray McVinnie on the barbie. Photo / Bite.co.nz
Ray McVinnie on the barbie. Photo / Bite.co.nz

Just because Autumn's here doesn't mean you need to put the barbie away yet.

This time of year is particularly barbecue-friendly as there are still plenty of vegetables like zucchini, eggplant and capsicums around.

From those summer veggies to bread stuffed with chorizo, Bite.co.nz's Ray McVinnie has plenty of fabulous ideas on what to chuck on the barbie this weekend.

Read his column over on bite.co.nz.


Herb-flecked yoghurt dip

Herb-flecked yoghurt dip. Photo / Eleanor Ozich
Herb-flecked yoghurt dip. Photo / Eleanor Ozich

Perfect for dolloping over all manner of things, this herb-flecked yoghurt recipie will quickly become your new favourite dip.

See the full recipe at viva.co.nz.

Foodie events

Auckland Arts Festival & Food Space eats

If you're planning on checking out some of the events on offer during the Auckland Arts Festival this weekend, we think the House of Mirrors at the Festival Playground at Silo Park would be a must-see as well as one of the many theatre shows and performances.

Food offerings in the area include The Super Taste Canteen: "with a menu that will bring the nostalgia of a good Kiwi barbie, the 'theatre' of smoke and fire, and the art of cooking over hardwood and coals" and Silo Park's Food Space vendors featuring the likes of Judge Bao, Taco Laco and Hangi Master.

To quench your thirst pop into the Rogue Society Sundowner Bar for an afternoon drop as you look out over the Auckland Harbour.

See timetables and more details on the Auckland Arts Festival here.

Health news

Have you heard of "avocado hand"? In 2017 ACC received claims for 162 injuries involving avocados and I'm sure you can imagine how easy it would be to become one of the many people who have suffered such an injury. Here are some tips on how to slice, pit and peel an avocado without needing a trip to A&E.

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If you live a healthy life, or even eat well 80 per cent of the time, some of us find the odd chicken nugget or ease of ordering a takeout Thai dish hard to resist. But could a few days of junk food or even that single fast food meal make a difference to your overall health?

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