Generation Snowflake have gained a reputation as being lazy and less-resilient than previous generations.

But one millennial who is sick and tired of being tarred with the same brush has taken to Tumblr to rant about how much harder it is for millennials to achieve basic things like buying a house or paying for college, reports the Daily Mail.

In a post named 'YOUR generation', user irrationalliberal highlighted his point by revealing what his parents were able to achieve at his age and began by sharing that despite working as teachers, his parents bought a four-bedroom house in San Diego and were able to put their two kids through private school.

He also detailed how a co-worker who has since retired was afforded the same kind of lifestyle despite working a normal job.


"Your generation was the generation where one parent could work in Financial Aid at the local college and the other could raise 2 kids in a 3 bedroom house (my now-retired co-worker did this)," he wrote.

The millennial also explained that his uncle was able to put himself through college and law school washing dishes, but he can't afford to buy a home or raise children.

He explained: "My generation can't buy a home when the average cost is $440k and a combined income of two teachers is only $70k, and they have to pay 35% income to rent, let alone trying to afford children."

The disgruntled youth also shared how despite both parents working one or two jobs "just to buy food", his generation won't be able to afford "a family vacation every December or go to grad school because of soaring student debts.

"My generation is in student debt on average $29,400. And we have scholarships but they only cover 40 per cent of the cost and when law school costs $120k for 2 years, you do the math," he penned.

He also blamed certain government decisions for the state of the economy and the housing market:

"We're only 25, we didn't get in to the war in 2001 (we were 11 years old), we didn't de-fund mental health institutions in 1975, we didn't decide that grants and scholarships should be funded less and tuition should cost more, we didn't raise the housing market 7000 per cent (my childhood home was bought for $95k and sold for $750k 20 years later).

"MY GENERATION didn't do any of that, YOUR generation did."


He also implored others to not tell him to "get a better job" or send his kids to a "good school' because 'it doesn't work like that anymore".

And it seems a lot of other people share the same sentiment as hundreds of people flocked to the comments section to offer up their examples of how hard it is to be a millennial.

Tumblr PainterofPuppies wrote: "I work 12 hour night shifts and then go to class for 6 hours. That's 3-4 hours of sleep a day. Doesn't cover tuition or medical bills."

While JMaxGarage shared: "I'm making 100k per year and I'm broke raising two kids, insurance, food and rent. Yes, rent. 100k ain't sh*t anymore."

However, not all those commenting had the same kind of sympathy.

Username MortyTownLocos argued: "I think it's funny that kids who weren't even alive at the time act like they know how it was for us all. News flash. We all struggled."

And TheBackofaCopCar typed: "Idk. I have a job, make good money, own a home, pay my student loans on time, and I don't blame other people."