The internet has been left divided over claims a Queensland mother managed to record the voice of a "ghost" during her toddler's tantrum.

Ash Birdy was filming her son Ben having a tantrum when she claims an eerie voice came through whispering "hurt her", while she was chasing her son through the house.

The 23-year-old mother was shocked when she replayed the video of her son's outburst and discovered what she claims is paranormal activity.

"At first I was replaying it over and over, trying to figure out what I was hearing or what could've made the sound," she told Daily Mail Australia.


Needing a second opinion, the mother took to social media to see what others thought might have taken place.

"Initially I heard more like an, 'Ahhh, die' and so I chucked it on a Facebook group to see if others heard it, and almost instantly I was receiving responses pretty much telling me to burn down the house and move," she said.

"The general reaction was that it says 'hunter' or 'hunt her'- which is now all I hear when I listen to it too, which was a bit creepy considering I had hoped to get some validation that I was being silly, instead of confirming my fear.

"Some even implied that whatever made the sound was responsible for my son's behaviour lately or that something was attached to him, or that it was encouraging him to hunt or hurt me."

Birdy states that in the background of the recording was the cartoon Dinotrux on Netflix, which some people claim may have been the source of the mystery voice.

"In the background, you can hear Dinotrux but after analysing it a lot, I think the whisper is too close to the phone compared to the yelling on TV," she said.

The young mother believes that on old vault in her house from an aged-care hospital may be to blame for the strange happenings.

"A big vault we were given around the same time Ben's behaviour started getting difficult, two weeks prior to the video," she explained.

The vault was originally given to Birdy from her father. Photo / Facebook
The vault was originally given to Birdy from her father. Photo / Facebook

It's not the only strange occurrence that has taken place in the home either, with Birdy stating that the house now seems full of "awful" energy.

"The energy in the house got awful. My son came banging on his door to get out, pointing in the room and talking about a storm - it wasn't storming," she said.