Twitter users have found out how often they're supposed to wash their bras—and they're hilariously shocked to learn they haven't been doing it nearly enough.

Bra washing has become a hot topic on Twitter over the past few days, with people realising they've been neglecting to wash their delicates as frequently as they should, reported the Daily Mail.

Ideally, bras should be washed every two to three wears, according to experts, but many people find themselves going longer than that between washes.

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Some people find that they only have one bra that fits them perfectly, meaning they are reluctant to part with it even for just one day in order to complete a wash cycle.

Others simply have trouble to keep up with their laundry schedule, and neglect to give their bras a good clean when the time has come.

Luckily, Twitter has enabled them to feel less alone, by letting them commiserate about their various bra washing—or lack thereof—antics.

When the YouTube star Shane Dawson explained that he had been wearing the same T-shirt for two weeks, several people replied saying they had been doing the same thing with their bras.

"You wash it more often than I wash my bra," someone responded in reference to Shane's T-shirt.

"Haven't showered in a week, been wearing the same jeans for three weeks, hasn't washed my bra in a month [sic]," another person wrote. "Living life to the fullest."

Bra specialist 'ThirdLove' demonstrates how to correctly wear a bra. Facebook / ThirdLove

As the debate about bra washing picked up, beauty blogger Haley Hall decided to conduct a survey shedding some light on her followers' laundry habits.

"A conversation about bra washing is freaking me out a bit. Tell me, how often do you wash your brassieres?" she asked.

Out of the 342 people who responded, 53 per cent said they washed their bras after three to four wears, meaning about half of people do not abide by the experts' advice.

The rest were divided, with 27 per cent saying they washed their bras every few weeks, 10 per cent answering "after every wear", and another 10 per cent going for "longer than a month".