Music festivals are a thing of the past for me. I find the noise levels more irritating than uplifting and the food and beverage offerings unappetising. However, Burning Lamb— where the noise is more performance art, the beer has been brewed to match the barbecued lamb and the gin and tonics are being made in a lemon and lime orchard — has me back on the bus.

From the Burning Lamb menu are Al Brown's recipes for charred cauliflower and eggplant salad and beetroot and pesto on spiced creamed lentils. Enter burning lamb comp to win tickets for two (valued at $700 to Burning Lamb.

On the restaurant scene, Sid Sahrawat is now only using New Zealand produce at Sidart with some of the fresh produce coming from the garden that wife Chand and daughter Zoya have planted at home. Sid and Zoya are making prawn and corn tacos this week.

For those following a plant-based diet Megan May's Mexican street corn has a vegan aioli that would be handy fridge addition.


Corn also features in our summer barbie noodles that are served cold for summer, along with the rest of Warren Elwin's chilled out recipes.

For anyone with a 50th birthday or anniversary on the horizon, Peter Gordon has ideas on how to give the menu a golden glow, but first let's use those peak-condition tomatoes in a chilli tomato and chilli tagliatelle for dinner tonight.