Two friends have attempted the ultimate in classic gags by dressing as one extremely tall man in a bid to score a two-for-one ticket at a movie theatre in Russia.

And while they failed to convince ticket sellers, they've certainly won fans online.

The internet pranksters sat one a-top the other's shoulders and donned a large trench coat and fedora in an attempt to get two Black Panther tickets for the price of one.

Onlookers filmed the brazen pair as they stood teetering in the large coat as queued outside the ticket office.


Despite the laughter and a gathering crowd, the towering character kept composure and approached the cashier.

But staff were not so impressed and the tall patron was turned away, denied the request for a single ticket to the Marvel movie.

However, Twitter was full of support for the prank with one user stating: "If I was working there I would have totally given you the ticket for the effort haha."

Footage of the two-for-one attempt has already clocked up over eight million views in just 72 hours.