Down south in Central Otago, my summer holidays don't come with a fresh catch, as they did further north where someone was likely to be heading off fishing most days. And it's something I really do miss. The lakes still provide us with plenty of swimming and boating, even the odd trout and there is plenty of salmon, of course, but I'm in need of some white fish and shellfish — super-fresh and sustainably caught.

My social media feed has not been helping the situation. As I write, The Engine Room have just posted a pic of their new main of hapuku, sweetcorn, miso, grilled kumara, wasabi mayo, nori and lotus; and Coco's Cantina are curing Northland trevally to serve with aged balsamic and organic cherries ... swoon!

If you do have a supply of fresh fish (if you don't, and are in the North Island, check out think of me as you are enjoying Kathy's simple preparations. You can pan-fry and serve with a curry vinaigrette; fry it skin-on to serve with an Asian salad and spicy mustard seed dressing. Or give it a quick crumb to serve with beans, crispy pancetta and a mustard mayonnaise. I will dining on Kathy's summer chicken salad and lots of dishes that incorporate sweetcorn which is so incredibly sweet and juicy this year, as are the local Central Otago cherries and stonefruit, which I am appreciating very much.

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