As record-approaching temperatures sweep New Zealand, from 33.9C at Dunedin Airport to a scorching 35C in the little Otago town of Edievale and 31.5C in Lower Hutt yesterday, you'll no doubt be keen to employ some easy measures for keeping cool.

And because the last thing you need when you're getting back into work mode is a bad night's sleep, here are some simple tips to cool down you, your home and your pets.

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1. Drink up

It's simple advice, but your mother was right - drink lots of water to ensure you stay hydrated.


2. Freeze your bedding


It might sound a bit quirky, but putting your sheets or pillow in the fridge is said to be very effective. Take them out when you're ready for bed and enjoy a cool sleep.

3. Shut up shop

Keep curtains and blinds, particularly in the bedroom, closed during the day to keep the sun out. In the evening open windows to let the cool night air in.

4. Go to bed with an "ice" bottle

Fill a hot-water bottle up with cold water and put it in the freezer. Place it under your feet or use it when you go to sleep. If it's too cold, cover it with a light cloth or hand towel.

5. Electric fan + ice = extra cool


Placing a bowl of ice in front of an electric fan is said to increse the cool air being blown your way.


1. A cool new dog 'do

Take your pet to a groomer for a summer haircut. Then rather than having them spend the season lethargic and sleepy they'll be able to keep up with their usual healthy activities.

2. Frozen treats

Make ice blocks by freezing a bowl of water with dog biscuits or other treats inside. The frozen goodies serve as both a treat and an activity for your pet.


Rubber chew toys can also be filled with treats and frozen overnight.

3. Cool off together

Take your pet for a swim. Simple and fun.

Whangarei: Cloudy with showers, High 25C Low 20C.

Auckland: Cloudy with showers, High 25C Low 19C.

Hamilton: Fine with morning cloud, High 24C Low 17C

Tauranga: Cloudy with showers, High 23C Low 19C

Wellington: Cloud with showers then fine, High 25C Low 16C

Christchurch: Morning cloud then fine, High 26C Low 16C

Dunedin: Fine then showers in afternoon, possibly heavy, High 28C Low 18C