Savoury meet sweet - Marmite ice-cream has arrived.

Just when you thought the weird and wacky food combinations landing on our supermarket shelves couldn't get any weirder, Marmite has gone and added their salty favourite to ice-cream.

In a video posted to Marmite NZ's Facebook page tonight, several nervous participants tried the unusual concoction.

While some weren't too keen, most gobbled down all the creamy treat with caramel-coloured streaks.


Anyone else wanting to try Marmite ice-cream themselves though will be out of luck - the combo was created in a test kitchen for "science", according the video.

The light-hearted food favourite mashup follows a move across the ditch to turn Vegemite into a summer cooler.

Earlier this week, Aussies took the plunge into perhaps the weirdest food combo imaginable, when the Vegemite ice-block was launched.