It may sound like a massive cliche, but a survey has found that the likelihood of a long-term relationship being sparked up at the office Christmas party is higher than you might think.

What might have remained subtle flirtations throughout the year, the addition of festive cheer and some Dutch courage often sees office workers progress those romantic feelings at the end of year work do.


And while you might assume an office party interaction will be a one-off, according to a survey by UK printing company, Instaprint, a massive 53 per cent of those dalliances become a relationship that lasts for more than a year.


The survey of 2000 people concludes the surprisingly high success rate is because often the ingredients for a good relationship are all there:

The two of you already know one another, work in the same industry and, approaching the new year, you're re-evaluating what you want as the harsh realities of singledom set in.


The same survey found that those who work in Human Resources are likely to party the hardest at a work function: 40 per cent of survey participants from HR said they were nervous about going to work the next day and facing up to their debauchery.

And if you work in IT, it turns out you could have a very eventful Christmas party indeed, with members of IT departments deemed the most likely to kiss someone at their office do.