I love watching people's faces when they are trying something new or different for the first time. Something you know they're going to love or that might challenge their taste buds. The serious, squinty, thinking eyes that suddenly pop wide open as the deliciousness of what they are tasting sets in and the almost speechless "oh wow"s that follow. Peter Gordon's Turkish eggs do this — the garlicky, cool yoghurt, hot chilli butter and dill all demand the taste buds' full attention.

The new marinated buffalo cheese from Clevedon Buffalo has everyone swooning — honestly — try it and then add it to a zucchini, asparagus and baby spinach salad. Wild Fennel's shellfish season gives this crab omelette a flavour punch that catches people by surprise, and the smoky shiitake mushroom, avocado and tomato collard wraps on page 14 are surprisingly meaty, almost bacony, even though they are vegan. "That's why you cook isn't it?" my partner said when I told him of all of this. And he's quite right, I cook to bring joy to others. I also enjoy the giving and receiving of food gifts which we are starting to focus on for Christmas. But first, dinner is a toss up between a squid, potato and fennel salad and a cauliflower and walnut tabbouleh.

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