There is a little bird hiding somewhere among these Christmas trees, but can you find him?

The brainteaser, created by UK flower delivery company Bloom & Wild, is said to take the average person two minutes and 26 seconds to find the robin. Which is the same amount of time it takes to listen to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by the Jackson 5.

Bloom & Wild managed to baffle some members of the public, who described the puzzle as "fiendishly tricky" and "well hidden!" While one customer joked that the puzzle made their brain "festively frazzled!"

Jim Warren, from Bloom & Wild, said: "Our aim was to contribute a sense of fun that represented the much loved festive traditions of the season.


"The Christmas Robin is synonymous with the spirit of giving ... we only hope we haven't made it too difficult to find!"

If you still haven't managed to locate the sneaky robin. The image below should put you out of your misery.