She's the 33-year-old heiress worth more almost $400 million dollars.

Her wardrobe is overflowing with 22 pairs of Gucci mules, 81 sets of Victoria's Secret pyjamas, 72 pairs of designer sunglasses and an entire wall dedicated to Chanel handbags.

Her mansion in Kensington is reportedly valued at $120 million, and sits on the most expensive street in London.

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Tamara Ecclestone is the eldest daughter of former Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone, and her life is nothing short of lavish.


Sharing her wealth with husband and businessman Jay Rutland and their daughter, Sophia, Ecclestone's life is nothing short of extravagant.

At 33, Ecclestone's mansion was built in the early 1900s, has two storeys above ground and another two below.

Boasting 57 rooms, the heiress says that her family only lives in three of them: the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom.

This week the model, mother and businesswoman opened her mansion doors for the public as part of ITVBe new show about her indulgent lifestyle.

In the trailer for the new reality show, titled Tamara's World, Ecclestone's 50 odd waitstaff are seen busying themselves around the home by cleaning her golden bathtub, making her bed, setting the table and organising her wardrobe.

Her two personal assistants - Dani and Megan - run Ecclestone's household, and claim their job is the work of five people.

"We have in excess of 50 staff," one of the personal assistants says to the camera during the show's trailer.

"There are butlers and housekeepers, and they help keep the house presentable and the clothes ironed nicely and put away.

"We have Jonah the chef, and he's amazing. We have a dog walker, but we're not too sure why we have nine or 10 dogs.

"It all feels homely, although there are lots of people."


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During the first episode, the mother-of-one copped viewer backlash over the decision to breastfeed her three-year-old daughter.

Explaining her decision, Ecclestone said: "As soon as Fifi [Sofia's pet name] was born she headed straight to the boob!

"For her it's such a natural thing and we should continue.

"It's not just about food, it's about comfort and I think that's really important for mother and child.

"It's the right thing for me and Fifi and you just have to get on with it and not care about what anyone else thinks."

During the episode, her husband - who she married in 2013 - stood by his wife, saying he supported his wife's decision to breastfeed.

"She believes in breastfeeding, she believes quite passionately in it. I support her in anything she wants to do. I think she's doing the right thing. It's the most natural thing in the world," he said.

Mr Rutland is a 35-year-old businessman from Essex, who has said previously that in an "ideal world" he'd like three children with Ecclestone.

Ecclestone's younger model sister Petra made headlines last month, after her bitter divorce to businessman James Stunt finally came to an end.

The couple's legal battle surrounding their reported $9.5 billion fortune was finalised in October however, the outcome of how the assets were split has not been made public.

Tamara Ecclestone's first TV appearance was in 2006 aged just 22 when she presented the Red Bull Air Race World Championship for Channel 4, and she also posed for Playboy in May 2013.

Since becoming a mother, Ecclestone said her "party days are well and truly over" and that her outfit staples now include "leggings, sweaters, bombers and trainers".

According to The Sun, Ecclestone has 95 clutch bags - 47 from Chanel, 15 by Edie Parker, and 33 from Jimmy Choo.

She also has 75 floral dresses, by brands including Zimmerman and Free People, as well as 72 pairs of designer sunnies.

But despite her vast wealth, Ecclestone revealed she loved a bargain and will happily shop at Costco for cut-price buys.

"My dad is the biggest lover of a deal, or a sale, in life, ever. Somehow it has been passed down by genetics," she told the Evening Standard.

"Yes, I like nice things, but if there is a way to save money or have a deal - my father will always say: 'Look for the deal, ask for a discount, you will always get it, don't just pay the first price.'

"I do go to Costco and if there is money to be saved, why wouldn't you? It doesn't matter how much you have, if you can pay less for something, then you should."