Modern parenthood not only comes with the trials and tribulations of raising a child, but also the struggle to find the perfect name.

Long gone are the simple baby boomer monikers like Jane, Karen and Deborah - the 21st century has welcomed a new generation of bizarre and unique first names, the Daily Mail reports.

Here, FEMAIL takes a look at the top 20 'bogan' baby names set to grace birth certificates around Australia in 2018 according to 'the little book of bogan baby names'.

First up on the list includes several eccentric boy's name complete with some even more bizarre spelling.


For little blue-ribboned babies, Aayden is set to be a popular name - one of many versions of the classic Gaelic name Aiden - alongside Kaos, a play on the word Chaos.

In another seemingly made-up boy's name comes Harlen, which appears to follow the trend of pairing two different monikers together: For example, Harley and Jayden.

Next on the list is Huntah, a variation of the newly common baby name Hunter, likely made popular by PR maven Roxy Jacenko's young son.

The book also predicts Kyson and Lijah to grow in popularity next year - one which rhymes with a vacuum company and the other dropping the E on the classically biblical name Elijah.

Another scary prediction on the cards for 2018 is the boy name Reken, followed by the musically-inspired Slash and the misspelled version of Zeke, Xeke.

Finally, the book believes the male name Zealand will be making an arrival on the kindergarten playground in the next few years - a nod to Australia's little brother New Zealand.

When it comes to predicting girl names for 2018, the book dished some real head-scratchers.

It lists the name Astoria as a contender in the top female bogan monikers next year - a choice which pays homage to a US city in Oregon, a Sydney restaurant and a luxury New York Hotel.


Next up is Bexleigh, which is also the misspelled name of a London borough, followed by Everdeen, a whimsical choice inspired by the main character of The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen.

Bogan parents might also be signing off on Haydee, a mixture of Heidi, Hayden and Holly, and the peculiar name Jewelz.

Double-barrelled names will also make a comeback next year, with Tia-Clair set to rise in popularity, while the names Vanity and Vientiane are also listed as newly discovered options.

Taking advantage of underused letters appears to be a popular choice for many parents-to-be - as the name Xienna is also predicted as a name which combines Sienna and Xena.

But the final name which takes the cake with a mixture of a misspelling and odd pronunciation is Xytl, pronounced like of 'Crystal' with a trendy X instead of Chrys.

1. Astoria
2. Bexleigh
3. Everdeen
4. Haydee
5. Jewelz
6. Tia Clair
7. Vanity
8. Vientiane
9. Xienna
10. Xtyl


1. Aaydne
2. Kaos
3. Harlen
4. Huntah
5. Kyson
6. Lijah
7. Reken
8. Slash
9. Xeke
10. Zealand