New Zealanders sick of not being featured in world maps have started a sub-Reddit to share all the instances of the world forgetting the country exists.

The sub-Reddit "Maps without NZ" has more than 28,000 readers and includes submissions of the many maps of the world that fail to include Aotearoa.

Wall stickers, boardgames, greeting cards... there seems to be a never-ending collection of items featuring world maps that don't include New Zealand.

Among the (many) New Zealand-less items on the group, there is this H&M "World Map" necklace:


This Christmas card (happy holidays to everyone... except New Zealand):

This strategy board game:

This decorate wall sticker, for those into Scandinavian decor style that is so minimalist it excludes entire countries:

And, perhaps the most surprising of them all, even the 404 page for the NZ Government website fails to include New Zealand:

Something's missing alright.

The BBC went out to the streets in London to show some of those maps to people and test whether they could figure out which country was missing.

The good news is that a lot of people spotted the empty space where New Zealand should be.

"I think I would complain as well," one of the people said.

Others, however, understood the lapse. "Oh, but it's so tiny, nobody notices it," someone said.