This is Necky, one of the Waikato SPCA's special rescue cats who's taken up residence as office-cat.

"Necky is our trouble child," says Waikato SPCA Manager Laura Vander-Kley. "She came from a property where the owner had too many cats and wasn't able to provide enough veterinary care for them.

"And we just fell in love, she just has the loveliest personality."

Maria McEwan-Jones was the SPCA Inspector on the night Necky was rescued.


"It was six o'clock when I bought her in and we were all really tired and I don't know, she sort of just endeared herself to us instantly," Maria says. "We had heaps of other ones but it was Necky that everyone was like 'oh my gawsh' about."

Now Necky is healthy and has become a favourite among staff.

"Necky had what we thought was a neck wound all over her neck, hence the name Necky," Laura says. "She also had a really bad eye so we got the eye removed. But as it turns out she started scratching her head thus the cone."

She says it's common for owners with good intentions to take on too many cats because they're passionate about animals and then get overwhelmed and unable to properly care for all their pets.

Necky is one of about 25 cats that come through the SPCA's doors each week.

With kitten season well underway there are many more felines being looked after here and in the next month Laura says many of them will be ready to be re-homed, including the much-loved Necky.

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