When taonga meets hi-tech, you get ... smart jewellery.

These exquisite nylon tiki are 3D-printed, finished in rich, coloured dye, then detailed with ink ta moko inscribed by hand. Each tiki is embedded with a programmable microchip that can be used to store information, or to interact with NFC-enabled mobile devices.

Artist Joe Te Wharau (Ngati Maru - Hauraki) is based in Pukehina in the Bay of Plenty, and translates traditional concepts through modern technology. His exhibition also features a series of pendants inspired by tradition, in precious metals.

Check out Matihiko Taonga V1.0 exhibition at the Goddards Centre, 21 Devonport Rd, Tauranga until tomorrow. Tiki and Joe's other works are also available at Macandmor, 19 Goddard Centre, Tauranga.