Halloween is fast-approaching in the US and some Americans are opting to carve their pumpkins to resemble Donald Trump.

Social media users have been sharing their best "Trumpkins" with the internet and many have managed to capture the US president's likeness in the vegetable, reports the Daily Mail.

Then there is a large scarecrow at one home in Carmel, Indiana which is drawing a lot of attention for its resemblance to Mr Trump.

Some argue that it is disrespectful, while other neighbours are simply more upset about the amount of people lining up in their once quiet street to take pictures with the Scarecrow.


The Trumpkin trend started in 2015 after Jeanette Paras, an Ohio-based artist, modelled a 169kg pumpkin after the then presidential candidate's head.

If you look on Twitter or Instagram and search with the hashtag "Trumpkin", you will find that dozens of people have taken a stab at making their own Presidential pumpkin.

Trumpkin in progress... #trumpkin

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